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(Stokes and Edwards are a registered Trademark of Edwards Vacuum)
Stokes/Edwards Hamilton Vacuum
Rotary Piston Pump Displacement  Description  Rotary Piston Pump Displacement Description
Stokes 148-H 50 CFM Discontinued RP-50 50 CFM 50 CFM Rotary Piston
Stokes 212-J 150 CFM 900-212-014 RP-150 150 CFM 150 CFM Rotary Piston
Stokes 412-J 300 CFM 900-412-014 RP-300 300 CFM 300 CFM Rotary Piston
Stokes 612-J 600 CFM 900-612-014 RP-600 600  CFM 2-300 CFM Rotary Piston
Stokes/Edwards MB Series Hamilton Mechanical Booster Packages MBP Series
Booster Displacement  Description  Booster Displacement Description
Stokes 148-MB 50/125 CFM Discontinued MBP-125 50/125 CFM RP-50/3X6MBV-125-CFM
Stokes 148-MBX 50/245 CFM Discontinued MBPX-245 50/245 CFM RP-50/3X6MBV-245-CFM
Stokes 212-MB 150/245 CFM  Discontinued MBP-245 150/245 CFM RP-150/3X6-MBV-245-CFM
Stokes 212-MBX 150/400 CFM Discontinued MBPX-400 150/400 CFM RP-150/3X10-MBV-400-CFM
Stokes 412-MB 300/400 CFM Discontinued MBP-400 300/400 CFM RP-300/3X10-MBV-400-CFM
Stokes 412-MBX 300/612 CFM 412/607 CFM MBP-600 300/600 CFM RP-300/6X7-MBV-612-CFM
Stokes/Edwards 3" Boosters Hamilton Vacuum Booster MB 3" Series
Booster Displacement  Description  Booster Displacement Description
Stokes 306-401 V 125/245 CFM Discontinued MB-3V-245 245 CFM 3X6-MBV-245 CFM
Stokes 310-BP-V 400 CFM Discontinued MB-3V-400 400 CFM 3X10-MBV-400 CFM
Stokes/Edwards 6" Boosters Hamilton Vacuum Booster MB 6" Series
Booster Displacement  Description  Booster Displacement Description
Stokes 607-MVR 600 CFM 900-607-MVR MB-6V-612 612 CFM 6x7-MBV-612 CFM
Stokes 607-MHR 600 CFM 900-607-MHR MB-6H-612 612 CFM 6X7-MBH-612 CFM
Stokes 615-MVR 1300 CFM 900-615-MVR MB-6V-1300 1300 CFM 6X15-MBV-1300 CFM
Stokes 615-MHR 1300 CFM 900-615-MHR MB-6H-1300 1300 CFM 6X15-MBH-1300 CFM
Stokes 61-B 1300 CFM 900-61B-MHR MB-6H-BP-1300 1300 CFM 6X15-MBBP-1300 CFM
Stokes 622-MVR 3000 CFM 900-622-MVR MB-6H-3000 3000 CFM 6X22-MBV-3000 CFM
Stokes 622-MHR 3000 CFM 900-622-MHR MB-6V-3000 3000 CFM 6X22-MBH-3000 CFM
Stokes/Edwards 1700 Series Hamilton 1700 Series Mechanical Booster "Package Systems" PS
Booster Displacement  Description  Booster Displacement Description
Stokes 1721 150/1300 CFM 900-170-061 PS-1300-150 150/1300 CFM 150-RP/6X15-MBH-1300 CFM
Stokes 1721-S 150/1600 CFM 900-170-074 PS-1600-150 150/1600 CFM 150-RP/6X15-MBH-1600 CFM
Stokes 1721-BP 150/1300 CFM 900-1700-BP PS-1300-BP-150 150/1300 CFM 150-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-1300 CFM
Stokes 1722 300/1300 CFM 900-1700-62 PS-1300-300 300/1300 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-1300 CFM
Stokes 1722-BP 300/1300 CFM  900-170-62B PS-1300-BP-300 300/1300 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-1300 CFM
Stokes 1738 300/2000 CFM 900-170-038 PS-2000-300 300/2000 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-2000 CFM
Stokes 1738-BP 300/2000 CFM 900-170-38B PS-2000-300-BP 300/2000 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-2000 CFM
Stokes 1738-HCBP 600/2000 CFM 900-170-38B PS-2000-600-BP 600/2000 CFM 600-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-2000 CFM
Stokes 1739 300/2600 CFM 900-170-039 PS-2600-300 300/2600 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-2600 CFM
Stokes 1739-BP 300/2600 CFM 900-170-39B PS-2600-300-BP 300/2600 CFM 300-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-2600 CFM
Stokes 1739-HCBP 600/2600 CFM 900-170-39B PS-2600-600-BP 600/2600 CFM 600-RP/6X15-MBH-BP-2600 CFM
Stokes 1754 300/3000 CFM 900-170-054 PS-3000-300 300/3000 CFM 300-RP/6X22-MBH-3000 CFM
Stokes 1754-HC 600/3000 CFM  900-170-055 PS-3000-600 600/3000 CFM 600-RP/6X22-MBH-3000 CFM