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Edwards EM Series Rotary Vane Pumps

>>Models of Edwards EM Series Rotary Vane Pumps

  • Reliable operation
  • Compact and quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • All pumps externally approved to EN61010 and UL61010 standards
  • Integral IEC 60320 connector
  • Gas ballast valve for large water vapour handling capacity
  • Full range of accessories available including a great value Mist Filter option

The EM range of oil-sealed rotary pumps renowned for their high ultimate volume, rapid pumping speed, quiet operation and ability to handle vapor - have become the industry standard for laboratory applications. All pumps in the EM range are independently approved to UL and CSA standards and backed by BOC Edwards worldwide service and support.

Edwards EM 28 Vacuum Pump

Edwards EM 18 Vacuum Pump

Edwards EM 15 Vacuum Pump

Edwards EM 7 Vacuum Pump
Typical Applications Ordering Details
Instrumentation E2M28 E2M28 E2M28 E2M1.5
Analytical instruments - GCMS      
Analytical instruments - LCMS    
Beam lines and high-energy physics    
Centrifuges, ultra-high speed      
Degassing/curing - oil epoxy resin  
Freeze drying      
Gas bottle filling/emptying      
Glove boxes, ovens    
Laboratory bench top vacuum
Lasers, gas recovery & recirculation    
Leak detectors, Helium
Load locks and transfer chambers    
Refrigeration manufacture      
Research and development
Rotary, centrifugal evaporators      
Scanning electron microscopes - SEM      
SEM/FIB (Ion beam repair)      
Solvent recovery      
Surface science instruments      
Turbomolecular backing pumps
TV manufacturing/light bulb manufacture      
  Description Order Number*
E2M0.7 E2M0.7 Pump 1ph, 200 to 230V 50/60Hz A37141919
  E2M0.7 Pump 1ph, 100/200V 50/60Hz A37141902†
E2M1.5 E2M1.5 Pump 1ph, 200 to 230V 50/60Hz A37132919
  E2M1.5 Pump 1ph, 100 to 115V 50/60Hz A37132902†
  fitted with NA cable A37122902P
E1M18 E1M18 Pump 1ph, 115V, 200 to 230V 50/60Hz A34317984
  E1M18 Pump 1ph, 100/200V 50/60Hz A34315094
  E1M18 Pump 3ph, 200-220/380-415V 50HZ  
  200-230/460V 60Hz A34310940
E2M18 E1M18 Pump 1ph, 115V, 200 to 230V 50/60Hz A36317984†
  E1M18 Pump 1ph, 100/200V 50/60Hz A36315904
  E2M18 3ph, 200-220/380-415V 50Hz  
  200-230/460V 60Hz A36310940
E2M28 E2M28 Pump 1ph, 115V, 200 to 230V 50/60Hz A37317984†
  E2M28 Pump 1ph, 100/200V 50/60Hz A37315904
  E2M28 3ph, 200-220/380-415V 50Hz  
  200-230/460V 60Hz A37310940
*PFPE versions also available - contact us for more information.
† This part number includes the line cord if ordered in the US.