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Edwards Oil Sealed Rotary Pump E2M275

>>Oil Sealed Rotary Pump E2M275

The Edwards E2M275 range of direct drive Rotary Vane Pumps are inherently compact and vibration free with their finger-proof fan and coupling housings and they offer excellent operator protection.

The pump is water-cooled but may be operated without water-cooling for high vacuum duties. The different models are each optimized to give the best combination of performance, reliability and cost in relation to the anticipated applications.

These pumps are available in two stage designs in sizes up to 306 m3h-1.

Edwards Oil Sealed Rotary Pump E2M80
Dimensions Ordering Information
  Product description Order Number
EM275 Industrial E2M275 220-240 V or 380-415 V, 3-ph, 50 Hz A36701935
  E2M275 208-230V or 460V,3-ph,60 Hz,4-pole A36703952
EM275 PFPE* E2M275FX On Application
EM275 ATEX** E2M275T3 400 V, 3-ph, 50 Hz A36718993

Ultragrade 70 oil, NW40 O-ring and centering ring, ISO 40 "C" clamp, bolts, washers, 28 mm external diameter coupling tube and compression sleeve for outlet, ISO 25 "C" clamp, bolts and washers supplied with each pump

*No oil supplied
**ATEX EM pumps may be supplied with ATEX classification either as part of a pump system or stand-alone, on application. Please consult Edwards.

Technical Data Speed and Power Curves